1. Identifying Primary and Secondary school teachers’ opinions, expectations and evaluations about the Programa Escuela 2.0 and the use of ICT in their teaching in Spain.


  1. Examining the kind of teaching practice or educational activities carried out in the classroom using these technological resources. 


  1. Analyzing the ICT impact in teaching methods and learning and how they coexist with traditional educational materials, such as textbooks.


  1. Carrying out a comparative analysis of this phenomenon among some of the participant Autonomous Regions (Andalusia, Asturias, Catalonia, Canary Islands, Extremadura or the Basque Country) and other non-participant regions such as Madrid and Valencia.


  1. Setting up an online Observatory of ICT policies. The so-called “one laptop per child” policies provide a wide incorporation of ICTs in school systems of Ibero-American countries. Our observatory would be addressed to political administrators, researchers and teachers of Spanish and Portuguese languages. 

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