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This is the Internet Portal of the research project called “The politics of “one laptop per child” in Spain. Teachers’ views and practice on School Program 2.0 (Programa Escuela 2.0). A comparative analysis among Autonomous Regions.” The R+D National Plan 2010 from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation funds the project, its reference number is EDU2010-17037 (EDUC subprogram) and it lasts 3 years (2011-14). More than 50 researchers from different Spanish and Portuguese universities (Oviedo, Seville, Autonomous of Madrid, Basque Country, Valencia, Barcelona, Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Extremadura, Castile La Mancha, Castile Leon and La Laguna in Spain and University of Coimbra in Portugal) are working on this project. The driving team is EDULLAB, the Education and New Technologies Laboratory of the University of La Laguna. 




Now, the Spanish school system –as other systems in North America, Europe or Ibero-America, such as Portugal, Uruguay or Argentina- is immersed in the process of the significant arrival of digital technologies at schools through the educational politics such as those represented by the Programa ESCUELA 2.0. This program provides one laptop for each student and teacher and multimedia projectors and interactive whiteboards for each classroom. The Spanish Ministry of Education has approved the program, in collaboration with the Regional Governments of the different Autonomous Regions.

What are the organizational and pedagogical effects and impacts of this huge amount of technologies in normal classrooms? To what extent will teaching methods and students’ learning change? What about the impact on textbooks and traditional educational materials? What do teachers think about this program? Are there any differences among Autonomous Regions about these views and teaching practice? What synergies the Programa Escuela 2.0 can generate regarding other policies of “one laptop per child” (1x1 model) in progress in many Ibero-American countries? This research project has been planned in order to give an answer to all these questions.

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